The Salon Escape


Are you a mum on a limited time frame?

SAHM that needs a 90minute break?

Keeping track of budget but still, want to feel like a queen?

Designed by mums, for mums!

Continue experiencing that new hair feeling with a luxurious shampoo, custom cut, Hollywood blow wave and completing the look with a perfect eyebrow shape and tint.


Short/Medium hair
$80.00 membership package
$10.00 per week

Long hair
$88.00 membership package 
$11.00 per week


The Salon Blonde

IMG_5174 (1)

Love the traditional highlighted look?

Want to be a pretty perennial blonde?

Hate the in between regrowth feel?

This package is tailor made for our classic blonde

Continue experiencing every 10 weeks

½ head of traditional foils, toning, cut and blow wave


Short/Medium hair 
$159.60 membership package 
$13.30 per week

Long hair
$169.75 membership package 
$14.15 per week

The Salon Socialite


A bit of a social butterfly?

Regular events?

Back dating and want to feel a million dollars?

We have you covered!

Continue experiencing Napoleon Makeup with your Hollywood hair, every 4 weeks

This includes purifying shampoo, intense conditioner, and Hollywood hair styling, together with your complete ultimate glamour make-up. 


 Monthly Visit
$146.75 membership package  
$36.69 per week

The Salon Savvy

IMG_5238 (1)

Few greys?

Fast growing hair?

Prefer consistency with your look?

Know your style?

Prefer a solid block colour?

Time effective hair service?

Come see us every 8 weeks for all over tint, custom cut and Hollywood blow wave. Maintaining that fresh hair feeling. 


Short hair
$94.85 membership package
$11.86 per week

Medium hair
$100.10 membership package
$12.51 per week

Long hair
$105.00 membership package
$13.13 per week

The Salon Signature

IMG_3842 (1)

What if I tell you, that you can have long mermaid hair using all the specialist balayage, babylight and blending techniques, without the massive bill at the end?

Being able to have THE LOOK of the moment

Celebrity look for LESS!

Continue experiencing our signature hand painted balayage colour service with a custom cut and Hollywood blow wave every 12 weeks. 


Short hair
$212.10  membership package  
$17.68 per week 

Medium hair
$238.35  membership package
19.86 per week

Long hair
$264.25  membership package  
22.02 per week

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